Who We Are

In 1996, a small group of dedicated activists with ties to the music community saw music as a means to draw people to the causes they were working with. Believing that through the experience of live music hearts can be touched and inspire individuals to take personal responsibility and positive action on issues that impact their lives, founder Susann McMahon and co-founder Richard Wegman united this group under the name of ActiveMusic.

While volunteering for the No Nukes concerts in Madison Square Garden during September of 1979, Susann was inspired by the compassionate artists who generously donated their time and voices to help raise awareness on important issues. She continued to volunteer and eventually was graced with the ability to work full time with other liked minded individuals. “Over the next twenty years I was able to dedicate my life to working on issues that touched my heart, moved me to action, and inspired me to help make a difference on our planet. This is my passion and life’s work,” said Susann.

After much thought and discussion Susann and Richard found a way to enhance what one could do for charities through benefit concerts. Together they created a new philanthropic model that could continue well beyond the initial live event and provide additional sources of revenue and awareness for the charities they supported. ActiveMusic produces benefit concerts, artist receptions, special events and the filming and recording of these events, all of which help raise further awareness and additional funds for these important issues and causes and the magnificent grassroots organizations who tirelessly dedicate their time, hearts and energy to change.

In the twelve years since ActiveMusic was founded, we have had the honor and privilege of working with many of the industry’s most gifted and charitable artists. Please see the list of Artists We Have Worked With . Not to mention the venues and volunteers who have graciously donated their locations and time. There are many, many altruistic souls whom without ActiveMusic would not be able to succeed. They all have our profound gratitude and we look forward to continuing those relationships as we tackle new projects.