What You Can Do
Are you a:

As an individual you are more than a single entity. You are the power behind everything. You are the change. You are the driving force behind our call to arms. An individual can have an impact within their communities; and with enough conviction and courage that impact will resonate across the globe.

ActiveMusic gratefully accepts your donation of any amount (click here to donate), but we believe that the power of an individual's will exceeds any dollar amount. You can bring awareness of ActiveMusic to your community, you can help organize an event, you can volunteer, you can fundraise, you can talk to everyone you know, you can spread our message online; there is so much you as an individual can do to accelerate positive change. Please contact us with any way you would like to help or with any ideas you may have how ActiveMusic can maximize our effectiveness. Thank You!


Corporations; you are our sustenance. Without the generous sponsorships, donations and endowments of corporations we would not function. ActiveMusic welcomes and is grateful your participation at any level. Please contact us so we may speak about a reciprocally beneficial relationship through the influence of music. Thank you!


You are a vital component to our growth and success. We believe that for an organization to truly be effective it needs to operate on a national and grassroots level simultaneously. We are currently in the process of establishing our campus affiliate program to launch in 2009.

Each chapter will produce their own concerts and donate the proceeds to local non-profits. ActiveMusic will help each affiliate in many ways and all funds generated by chapters will remain local.

Please let us know if you are interested in forming a chapter at your school. Thank you!


If you are in a band or part of their representation and would like to work with ActiveMusic then please contact us. We owe a tremendous debt to all the artists who understand the power of music and graciously donate their time. ActiveMusic works with bands of all sizes and is enthusiastic about tying the performance and proceeds to an organization that is close to your heart. It is about giving a voice to your cause. Thank you!


Without the generosity of venue owners and operators donating the use of their establishments for ActiveMusic performances we would not be able to have the impact for other non-profits that we do. If you represent a venue of any size, in any city in the world, and would like to host a concert, please contact us and we will make it happen. Thank you!

Record Label

Music would not be where it is today without the record industry. We recognize the leadership you provide and ask for your assistance in harnessing the power of music to affect the world in a positive way.

Your support could come through sponsorship, through donating a percentage of album sales, through promotion; there is no shortage of ways ActiveMusic could benefit from your philanthropic efforts. Please contact us so we may discuss these opportunities. Thank you!

Radio Station

Radio is alive and strong! You have the ability to literally give a voice to those who do not have one. Our artists depend on you and we depend on you in turn. If you are interested in helping to sponsor or promote a show or have any ideas on how you would like to work with ActiveMusic please contact us. Thank you!